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Ideya Food is a restaurant that can render a great fine dining experience. We have been in the business for more than a decade, and we have made sure to live up to the expectations of y our customers.



The amazing snack is so appetizing that it is so hard not to fall in love with it.


A better side dish for an Indian bread? We really don’t think so. Daal Makhni is one of the most commonly ordered dishes by most of our customers.


For some, they are starters, for some they are a side dish and for some they are the main dish. Tandoori meats have the ability to fill any part of the meal.


We have a variety of mixed rice from which you can choose from. All of the rice verities are prepared with fresh farm ingredients using traditional methods.


Frituras de Pescado


Snapper fingers, watercress salad, hot & spicy dipping sauce


Vegetable Pattie


West Indian style vegetable pattie, curried spinach cream


Ropa Vieja de Pernil


Rioja braised pork, sweet potato croquetas, ancho crema fresca


Ensalada de Pulpo


Grilled octopus, chayote, & orange, wilted frisée, mint-cilantro vinaigrette


Taquitos de Mariscos


Mixed seafood filled crispy flour tortilla, chile de arbol sauce, poblano pico de gallo


Ensalada Ideya


Mixed greens, hearts of palm, black beans, pickled shallots, chardonnay dressing


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Restaurants and Fast Foods

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Benefits of using car covers for your cars and RVs

Some people consider car covers as a useless investment as they are not aware of the benefits of these protective layers to your precious possessions. If you do not use a car cover, especially when your car is parked outside you would put your car or RV in a vulnerable situation which would lead to damages and other problems. There are a lot of advantages of using these car covers. There is, however, a need to make it certain that you are buying the right type of car cover for your vehicle because only then you would be able to protect it in the best possible manner. When you go out for the procurement of new car cover, you find a number of different options in this regard and it becomes really challenging for a layman to select a proper car cover for the vehicle. If you think that any car cover would go perfect for your vehicle, then this is wrong.

Certain things to consider first:

When you are buying the car cover for your vehicle, you need to ascertain a lot of different things before making the final call. These things include the weather conditions in your area and other factors like the availability of car porch or not. If you have a car porch, even then you should use a car cover to give the car an ultimate protection from unnecessary scratching and denting. In this article, we will focus on certain benefits that you can derive by putting a good quality car cover on your asset. Following is a list of benefits that you can extract from a good quality and rightly bought car cover for your RVs and other vehicles from

  • Protect the paint of your car for a greater number of years
  • Prevent different dents and scratches which are inevitable if car is parked outside
  • Protect your car from theft (by keeping it unnoticed under the cover)
  • Protect the car from natural hazards
  • Protect it against the dirt, dust and other environmental conditions

Apart from the above-mentioned benefits, you get a great chance to retain the value of your car. It increases the reselling value and your investment is protected. The more you protect your car the more would be the value you would fetch when you decide to sell it. When you protect your car, you secure a number of payments to other services. For example, you need to wash your car less often when you are guarding it against dust and other problems. Let us briefly explain these advantages for a better understanding.

Paint of the car:

When you buy a properly fitting car cover from you make sure that you are protecting the car’s paint. It is evident that your car paint would fade away if you park it outside in the sun and vulnerable to weather. The quality of paint plays an important and significant role in determining the price and value of the car for reselling purposes. It is the first thing that people notice when they are to buy a used car. Therefore, it is very important to protect the paint of your car and keep it in a good condition for coming years. This would not only protect the value of your car but will also make sure that you enjoy a luxurious ride all the time. People would notice the maintenance of the car and you will feel good about the complements. On the other hand, if you do not protect the car with a car cover, you would make it fade away soon and as a result the value of your car would diminish quickly.

Dents and scratches:

This is another important thing that you need to keep in your mind when you are parking your car outside your house for a long time. When you live in a congested area, there is a great chance that your car might collide to other traffic, even in standing state. In addition to that, it is a bad habit of some children and people to scratch the car without any intention! Therefore, provides great solution for the protection of your car in this situation.


Car covers also protect the theft of car. These covers do not provide a security as an alarm or security switch, but it prevents the theft by making your car unnoticeable. This is a great thing to do if you want to protect your car from the sight of thieves and you want to make it unnoticed. If you have no other intention, you can buy a universal car cover to protect any of your car from theft, if not parked inside. This would save your cost and you need not to buy a perfectly fit cover for your vehicle. For RVs, if you do not have a huge space in your house to park the vehicle in days when it is not used, you should protect it with the cover to avoid any damages.

Natural Hazards and dirt:

Last, you get a good chance to protect the vehicle from the damages caused by natural hazards and weather conditions. Rain, snow and sunlight damages the car and quality covers for car from protect the vehicle from all these things in addition to giving a protection against dust and dirt.

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