There are the times when you feel completely tired, frustrated or exhausted because of your personal or professional life or maybe you are just a fun loving person who loves to live an adventurous life. To explore adventures or to try new things, you might always be ready to pack your bags. There might be thousands of the reasons for traveling, but we all know that traveling always gives you countless experiences. You can renew your social life by meeting new people from all over the world. You may also catch up with some cupidTraveler who has the same craziness as you have.

Below mentioned are the top 7 places you must visit if you are a travel freak:

Some people think that Mexico is a very dangerous place to take a tour to. But surprisingly, there is nothing like that. All the things people say about troublesome situations in Mexico are mere perceptions. Mexico is a place known for its beauty and energy. Most of the places worth visiting in Mexico are free for stopping over. So, if you want to plan a budget-friendly trip, then Mexico is the best option for you. Most of the dishes are the combo of age-old Mayan and Aztec dishes giving you a full Spanish food experience. Mexico is popularly known for its all-year-round perfect weather. Majority of people in Mexico speak English so it is very easy to seek help there or being friendly there. Who knows! You may end up meeting beautiful Mexico weather girls.

If you love beaches or you are going out with your girls’ gang who love to pose for perfect click on the beach, then Brazil is a must visit place for you. You will be amazed to know that there are 2000 beaches stretching along the shoreline of Brazil and 1000+ islands are dotted on the Atlantic Ocean bounded within the country premises. Iguaçu Falls and Amazon River & Rainforest having sixty-two National Parks and many conservation areas, is the center of attraction for many tourists. If you are a game lover, then also you can visit Brazil to see your favorite game live as Brazil hosts plenty of games.

Known for lakes and waterfalls, Venezuela is a country having the world’s highest waterfall and largest lake of South America. Los Llanos or the wetlands is a zoo which is open practically. You can get complete wildlife experience while seeing inaccessible animals like capybara, iguanas, anteaters, anacondas, toucans, capuchin, howler monkeys and piranha. The abundance of bird life can also be found in Orinoco Delta. 

Costa Rica:
The most suited time to visit Costa Rica is between mid-December to April. This time of year is also known as a dry season. Sunshine is the best time to explore its rainforest and beaches. The residents of Costa Rica are very friendly and welcoming. They will help you out in every way possible. The Citizens of Costa Rica are popularly known as “Ticos”. They have the culture of greeting each other while saying “Pura Vida” which means live your life to the fullest. You can visit Arenal volcano which is the most active volcano in the world having a height of more than 5000 feet. Monteverde Cloud Forest Biological Reserve is the favorite spot of many tourists as people love to go hiking there. Puerto Viejo de Talamanca village stationed on the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica comes to life with pleasing music, hippy bamboo bars, and wild nightlife is a loving place for every cupidTraveler.

Panama is a small country known as the bridge of the Americas. Stationed at the intersection of two continents and two oceans, Panama is a beautiful place which is in the wish list of every travel enthusiast. Panama is at 2.5 hours distance from Miami. The Panama Canal is the most famous ocean in the region. Spread over 48 miles, this canal connects two world-renowned oceans i.e. the Atlantic Ocean and the Pacific Ocean. This canal is the maritime way connecting two continents. This canal offers a Boat tour giving a full round visit of the city of the colon. Whenever you will visit Panama, don’t forget to buy coffee from there. The perfect weather and humidity conditions of Panama give the coffee of the place the status of “The champagne of coffees”.

The Place which is not only known for its Basketball sport is well known for its beauty too. Cepelinai is the most famous dish of Lithuania. Hill of crosses is the famous Pilgrimage site for many people. The whole place is loaded with more than 10,000 Jesus Christ crosses. Art and history lovers can visit the Palace of Grand Dukes stands tall since 4th Century AD. Trakai Castle is the place is a wooden walkway museum gives the taste of old-age eras medieval weapons, chainmail, 19th-century embroidery, stone walls, and glassware.

Known as the cheapest country of Europe, Bulgaria is fully packed with cute little coastal towns. The country is famous for a World Heritage site of Unesco i.e. Nessebar, also called “ The Pearl of Black Sea”. The Mountains and Beaches combination in one country make it the tourist attraction. At Rila Mountain Range, there are a lot of sites for hiking. The Peak of Musala is popularly known as the place quite close to Heaven. Kyufte, Bulgarian meatball is a must try dish before dying.

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