Make homemade pizza

If you know how to make homemade pizza, you can show off at gatherings with friends or family. But to shower yourself with praise, you need to pay attention to certain aspects first, like the dough, the quality of the ingredients, and a few other things.

At Cecinas Llanquihue we want you to become a pizza master. That is why, below, we share with you seven tips to prepare the best homemade pizza.

How to make homemade pizza with Cecinas Llanquihue and dazzle

Making a home-made pizza that dazzles can be easier than you think if you pay attention to the following:


Pizza making tips

The dough is the base of the pizza and, just as building a building on defective land would be a real disaster, the same thing happens with this preparation. To ensure quality, it is best to prepare the dough and avoid buying it already made.

It is enough to choose a basic, white and refined flour. In this way it will be able to absorb enough water, being highly moldable to give the shape you want.

Now, the kneading process also has its technique. It is necessary to mix the yeast with the flour and add water and salt in fair amounts. The kneading has to be from the center out. When you see that the dough comes off your hands, it means that it is ready.


After the dough, the sauce. You can use one already cooked or use a can of crushed tomato. The important thing is to add seasonings or precise condiments, such as olive oil, onion, or other vegetables that can be mixed well with the sauce.

In terms of quantities, 100 ml is enough and you should apply it before baking the pizza. If you overdo it with the sauce, the dough will be soft and not at all crispy.

The Cheese

As well as the dough and the sauce, the cheese is, for many, a basic element of this preparation. For the same reason, it is another point where you have to be very careful when making quality homemade pizza.

It is not recommended to use the typical laminated cheese that is put on the bread. In this case, what you should use is a good mozzarella cheese, which is ideal for preparing pizzas, due to its texture and consistency.

In addition to the mozzarella base, you can also combine other varieties, such as pieces of blue or Parmesan cheese.


If your pizza will have tomato as the main ingredient, it must be of quality. On the other hand, if it will be just a compliment, a good alternative is to use cherry tomatoes, sauté them and add them once the pizza is ready.

Combinations And Quantity

There are multiple varieties of pizza, but don’t try to mix all the varieties into one. By including too many ingredients, some may be more baked than others and, when it comes to tasting, the experience will not be the best. On the other hand, among so many flavors you will end up wondering “what is this pizza made of?

As for combinations, it is recommended not to use more than four or five different products and not to abuse them.


Neapolitan pizza is one of the most popular, but it should not be the only one when it comes to cooking. As long as there is compatibility and quality in the combination of ingredients, the possibilities are multiple. If you are going to use fresh foods, do not cook them too much, to highlight this property.

When it comes to being creative to delight guests, it is best to combine ingredients that everyone likes. As we mentioned at the beginning, homemade pizzas should avoid being overloaded, in order not to lose their essence, so we recommend that you prepare different alternatives so that your guests can choose and taste different options.

The Oven

One of the keys to getting a crispy base pizza is its baking. Therefore, do not put the pizza in the oven if it has not been preheated enough.

The ideal temperature is above 225°. Professional ovens can easily exceed 400°, but at home, you should cook the dough in a preheated 250° oven for twelve to sixteen minutes. Remember the short time, high temperature, and the dough at room temperature before introducing it.

Includes the best ingredients for a unique experience

To make a homemade pizza that fills you with praise, it is essential to use the best quality ingredients. That’s why at Cecinas Llanquihue we have a wide variety of products to complement your preparation. We put the flavor with the best ingredients and you the creativity and affection.

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