Going to college means getting used to many new responsibilities you never had before. You have to wash your own clothes, make your own food and possibly work to pay your own bills. Interestingly, cooking food while seeking higher education is a big concern for students attending physical and Internet schools. It doesn’t matter where you go to school – you have to eat.

There are a number of resources you can find readily available via the Web, which can help make your learning experience a more seamless process. Food blogs are one of the best places to learn about cooking. Now, it all comes down to finding one that has the type of recipes you’re into eating.

Here are a few blogs you should check out.

  1. Vegetarian Meals with Kate

The Cookie + Kate blog is a blog written by Kate, who is an avid vegetarian cook. If you’re on a vegetarian diet or would like to switch to one while in college, this is a blog to check out. She features all sorts of dishes, including pumpkin pecan plovorones, healthy banana bread, and veggie chili made from scratch. The blog is consistently updated with new, delicious treats, and meals. 

  1. Confessions of Two College Foodies

Sometimes, hearing the wild foodie tales of other college students is enough to get you motivated to cook. This online portal links you to hundreds of recipes and food websites. There are also themes throughout the year, like holiday snacks, Thanksgiving leftover recipes, and so on. Posts are made multiple times per week, which provides ample instructions for anyone to become a makeshift chef.

  1. The College Food Blog

This blog also has an assortment of tasty recipes you can try making in your own kitchen. The recipes are always fresh and completely homemade, so don’t shy away from getting your hands dirty. There are sometimes YouTube videos you can watch that feature quick and simple dishes, such as Chicken Fajitas.

  1. The College Culinarian

Want to impress your roomies? Then check out this blog and try some of the delicious recipes that are posted. You can find an array of recipes like Avocado Greek Yogurt Dip and Red Velvet Batter Cheesecake. Why not whip up a snack to nibble on while studying late at night?

  1. A Vegan Student

There are a lot of people switching over to the vegan diet, which means you consume nothing that comes from an animal, such as meat, cheese, milk, or even honey. Being a vegan college student can be tricky, especially with there being a few vegan restaurants and products in grocery stores. You have to know your way around the kitchen if you want to eat nutritiously during your college education.

On this blog, you can find delicious vegan meals to make at home. There are plenty of images of tasty foods to get you motivated. You can also buy their cookbook, which features recipes like Pumpkin Casserole with Hasselback Potatoes and Green Beans and Sweet Chili Lime Tofu.

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