The keto or ketogenic diet is a widely used option when looking to burn fat. Either with the ultimate purpose of losing weight or defining muscle. And can be carried out with animal foods or only vegetables. We tell you everything you need to know about the ketogenic diet for vegans.

How to make a vegan keto diet

The ketogenic diet, as its name indicates, aims to achieve and maintain ketosis or the formation of ketone bodies, for which it requires the maximum reduction of carbohydrates as a source of energy, using above all foods with proteins and fats.

If we eat an omnivorous diet, meat, eggs, and fish will have a great presence in our diet. While if our diet is vegan we must limit food much more to achieve ketosis.

That is, since we will not use any food of animal origin, the vegan keto diet will be restricted to sources of protein. And healthy fats of plant origin in which, besides, there must be a low to zero presence of carbohydrates.

High-protein foods for a vegan keto diet

In a traditional vegan diet, we would opt for legumes and their combination with whole grains or other foods to obtain quality proteins. However, these plant protein sources are not allowed on the keto diet due to their high carbohydrate content.

Thus, we can go for nuts, peanuts, which is the only legume with a low contribution of hydrates, tofu but not soy or textured soybeans because they have hydrates in high proportions, seitan, dried algae, especially spirulina algae, and we can also use rich seeds. in vegetable proteins.

With these foods, we can make, for example, a vegan tofu scramble, spirulina shake, homemade peanut or dried fruit cream (without sugar), seitan with almond sauce, sautéed firm tofu, and other protein dishes of vegetable origin.

Healthy Fat Sources for a Vegan Keto Diet

In a keto diet, not any food rich in fat is valid. But we must prioritize the sources of unsaturated fats and of course. Include those with low carbohydrate content in our dishes.

Thus, for a vegan keto diet, we recommend various nuts and seeds (which also add proteins, vitamins, minerals, and fiber), vegetable oils, especially extra virgin olive oil, avocado, olives, and also peanuts.

With these foods we can produce a crispy cracker seed, some nuts toasted curry a guacamole a tapenade of black olives (without anchovies), tahini sauce homemade, brownies, and avocado microwave or spreadable cream olive oil.

Foods to Avoid on a Vegan Keto Diet

As in any keto diet, it is important to avoid (even in vegan options) legumes, whole grains, and all derivatives. As well as sugars and preparations or products that include them.

The alcoholic beverages should also be avoided and recommend always base the keto diet homemade preparations and fresh foods, reducing the maximum processed which can have nutrients such as sugar or starches to stop the process of ketosis, besides being alternatives substandard food themselves.

Also in a vegan keto diet, it is especially advisable to observe the composition and ingredients of foods such as tofu. Vegetable drinks that we can use in small proportions, seitan, and dried algae. As in some cases, they include refined flours to give consistency or sugars that should be avoided to the max.

Supplementation on a vegan keto diet

Since when we eliminate all foods of animal origin and also all the main sources of carbohydrates. The diet is considerably limited, supplementation is often necessary.

It is essential to go to vitamin B12 supplements. As it is in any vegan diet since it is found in foods of animal origin almost exclusively.

But also, when following a keto and vegan diet it may be necessary. Depending on our level of physical activity and our biological condition. To go to other supplements such as proteins or essential amino acids, calcium, or some vitamins.

To ensure adequate nutrition, it would be advisable to carry out the vegan keto diet always under professional supervision. In such a way that it meets and meets our needs.

The pros and cons of a vegan keto diet

A vegan keto diet can be difficult to carry out due to the limited amount of ingredients that are allowed in it. Representing one of the main against that will force us to be creative in the kitchen and dedicate time to it.

It is also among the possible disadvantages, the possibility of suffering important nutrient deficiencies, for which supplementation is often advisable. However, it is still a restricted diet to which adherence can be complex.

Among the advantages of its practice is the possibility of burning fat and improving body composition. Something that is achieved with any keto diet. But also, eating a vegan diet that induces ketosis, eating foods with good fats. And high fiber content can be safer than an omnivorous diet. Since many dishes are based on nuts and seeds above all.

If our level of physical activity is high, it is important to take into account that the percentage of carbohydrates can increase and thus. We recommend including more vegetables, fruits, and vegetables to the diet.

This is all you have to know about the keto diet for vegans that although it is limited and not easy to carry out. It can always be perfectly done with proper planning and professional supervision.

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