In paddles, the core and surface are essential for its performance. Both layers need to be made of durable and versatile materials to give you the desired results. If you are looking for the Best Pickleball Paddle, you need to focus on the materials of its body. The price of a paddle determines its materials. Higher quality materials are present in expensive paddles and the other way around. The most affordable paddles have wooden cores. The most expensive paddles have polymer in their cores. As for surfaces, the best materials is graphite or carbon fiber. Fiberglass is not as strong.

  • Common materials for surface

Generally, there are 3 common materials used in making a paddle’s surface. These materials are graphite, carbon fiber and fiberglass. Fiberglass is also known as composite material. These surfaces can work with any sort of cores:

  • Graphite

This is one of the common and most popular choices in surfacing a paddle. It is usually a strong and a thin layer of graphite. This layer increases the speed of the ball. However, it can compromise the power a little bit. You will enjoy a feel of lightweight there too.

  • Carbon fiber

It is a tough material, even tougher than graphite. It makes the paddle heavy. This is efficient for those who are looking for increased control. A carbon fiber paddle is not as flexible and responsive as a graphite one.

  • Fiberglass

Fiberglass or composite is also a common option for a paddle’s face. It is known for provider more powerful performance. However, it emits noise when players strike the ball.

  • Common materials for cores:

Polymer is a soft and a durable material. It is not producing popping noise when you hit the ball. Nomex is a tough material. It can last for long, but it emits popping noise. Aluminum is a good option for players looking for heavy paddles. They offer great levels of control.

  • Useful tips for buying a paddle for pickleball playing

The market of pickleball paddles is full of numerous options. You can find different shapes of paddles. If you are new to the field, you might be a bit confused and overwhelmed. These tips can help you find the thing for you:

  • Purpose of buying

People buy pickleball paddles for two purposes. It is either for leisure or for professional playing. If you are enjoying this game on your free time, then you shouldn’t really invest in on the most expensive paddles. You can find great items for mid-range budget. If you are passionate about this game to pro level, you should think otherwise. You will need one of the Best Pickleball Paddle in the world. Such paddles are made to cover the requirements of leagues and regular competitions. So, if you want to settle this matter once and for all, you should determine the frequency of your play.

  • Money matters

No matter what your budget is, you will always find something for you. There are items for as low as 30 bucks and as high as 150 bucks. There are some serious differences between expensive and cheap paddles.You can decide which price category you should go for based on your needs. Inexpensive paddles are more suitable for recreational purposes. They are not durable, but they can be easily replaced. Your budget won’t suffer a lot when you buy a new paddle every couple of months. However, this is not the best solution if you are a regular player or a professional competitor. In this case, your overall performance will be affected. Cheap paddles can’t give you the desired level of power or control.

  • Your skills have a saying in this

Your skill level is something important to consider when you are shopping for a paddle. Paddles out there are made to fit all skill levels and abilities. Beginners will always need something different than pros. They will need something that would support their shots and strikes. So, a heavy paddle will definitely work for you if you are in the beginning of your adventure. But keep in mind that a heavy paddle is not flawless. You can have some issues with it though. For instance, you can get some pains in the elbow for using a heavy paddle, especially for hours continuously. Heavy paddles are not known for providing the best control. However, control is not what you will be looking for in the beginning.

It is always recommended to try the paddle yourself before buying. This is something no one else can feel and judge the comfort of a paddle in your hands other than you. You need to feel and experience the grip in your hands even if you are miles away from the pickleball court.

In case you have deep experience in pickleball, lightweight paddles might interest you. They offer great speed and better ball control. They are also great for people with tennis elbow or similar injuries and inflammations.

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