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Traveling is synonymous with discovering something new, so if you travel you should try all the delicious food in the world that puts you ahead and not end up in the usual fast-food restaurant. We understand that sometimes it seems a bit risky to try according to which dishes we do not know, today you have the opportunity to know 15 of them, so you have no excuse the next time they are offered to you.

Foods of the world

Don’t be fooled by your eyes, even if in some cases it doesn’t seem like it, or the combination of ingredients seems wrong to you… these world dishes are delicious!

Pie floater, Australiadelicious food pie floater

The Pie floater, or as we would translate it the floating meatloaf. That’s right, it is a piece of meat that floats in a pea soup that can be accompanied with a little tomato sauce or Perrins sauce.

Asado from Argentina

Few are those who resist the Argentine barbecue. Although we can actually make meat roasts ourselves at home with patience waiting for the heat to be at its peak and at low heat, clearly for an Argentine there is no better barbecue than the one they cook.

Chili Crab, Singapore

The chili crab dish comes from Singapore, a  meal where the protagonist, as you can imagine, is the crab, in addition to these other ingredients: such as garlic, ginger, macadamia delicious foods, red chilies, chicken broth, chili sauce …

Zurek, Poland

A very typical dish of Polish food, Zurek soup, its main ingredients is pieces of pork, rye flour, egg, and a little cream.

Moors and Christians, Cubadelicious food cuba

A very typical dish not only in Cuba but also in Brazil and in much of the Caribbean. Its main ingredients are black beans and rice. Normally this dish accompanies meats or stews.

Parma ham, Italy

A typical raw ham from Italy, or as an authentic Italian would say prosciutto di Parma. It is produced mainly in the Parma region.

Although a good place to taste it and enjoy the most authentic Italy is Rome, without a doubt. For this reason, we recommend that you take a look at our apartments in Rome and take the opportunity to book a weekend getaway where you can enjoy the best Italian delicacies.

Goi Cuon, Vietnam

Goi coun is typical Vietnamese rolls that contain shrimp, pork or chicken meat, herbs, a kind of rice noodles, and sheets of rice paper to roll them up. It is usually accompanied by a sauce composed of Hoisin sauce, peanut butter, and garlic.

Xiaolongbao, China

delicious food China

Its translation would be a basket of small rolls. Very typical and delicious food in eastern China. These small steamed Chinese buns are usually filled with meat or some type of broth and are often served as an appetizer or side to the main course.

Papa a la huancaína, Peru

In Peru, we find the Potato a la huancaína,  a dish originally from Lima. This dish is what the workers ate during the construction of the Central Railroad of Peru. This recipe consists of fresh cheese, milk, garlic, soda crackers, boiled potatoes and eggs, lettuce, and yellow peppers.

Kabsa, Saudi Arabia

Kabsa is one of the most typical recipes in Saudi Arabia as well as in other Arab countries. It is a rice dish cooked with different spices and combined with meat and vegetables. You can also add dates, almonds, onion …

Arepas, Colombia and Venezuela

The arepas were food for indigenous people in the current territories of Colombia, Venezuela, and Panama. They are corn or flour pancakes that can be eaten for breakfast or to snack between meals and can be filled with whatever you prefer.

Nasi Campur, Bali

delicious food Bali

Nasi Campur is one of the most typical dishes of Bali, its literal translation would be something like combined rice; And so it is, it is rice combined with vegetables, chicken, egg, and tempeh.

Øllebrød, Denmark

At first glance, it may not appear as exquisite as it actually is. Øllebrød is a very typical Danish dish and delicious food with a great historical tradition. Formerly the monks used to dip bread in hot beer and this is how this particular dish of rye bread and beer malt came out.

Frito de matanzas, Mallorca

And we cannot forget to name some of the exquisite dishes that are served in Spain, in this case, we are talking about the Mallorcan fry or Frito de Matanzas very typical of the island of Mallorca. Made with pork liver, cooked blood, lamb and combined with potatoes, onion, and other ingredients.

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Schweinshaxe, Germany

The roast knuckle of lamb is a very typical and delicious food of Germany, especially in the Bavarian region, and in fact, it is the main dish at the famous Oktoberfest party. Accompanied by some french fries and a little mustard.

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