You would never know when plumbing emergencies will come, so it is important that as early as today, you find the best plumber to call in case of an emergency. There are many plumbers to hire, but unfortunately, not all can stand to a good performance.

It is important that you take good amount of time before you finally hire a plumbing company. It is expected that they will claim they are the best even if they are not. Some are good companies though, like rørlegger stavanger, but needless to say, finding it out yourself is a good idea.

Needless to say, here are good steps you must follow before a tragic emergency plumbing come your way.

Steps Finding The Best Plumbing Company

To help you get started with your search, below is a step – step guide you can follow to ensure the plumbing company you will hire is the best in the industry:

Step 1

Ask around your family, friends or neighbors

This is the first thing you must do, ask recommendations from your family, friends and neighbors. They are the best people to reference, as they will tell you only the truth, nothing else. Expect two things from them, one, they will encourage you to hire a plumbing company and two, they will discourage you to hire a plumbing company.

They are the best people to ask as they give nothing but advices that are true and based on facts. They will not hold back information they know can help you get satisfaction with the service you will receive.

From their recommendations, choose 3 to 4 only, as more options can make you feel very confused. Anyway, all their opinions and recommendations are certified, hence nothing you should worry about.

Step 2

Check on their website

From the list you have, check on their website. Their website is a good platform to know more about the company. Some information you must check on their website are:

  • The kinds and types of services they provide
  • Their company’s mission, vision and history
  • Some helpful tips you can use
  • Their contact information, including their phone number, email address, physical address, social media accounts and so on
  • Customer’s feedback
  • Sample of their work
  • Their certificates

Visiting their website is a good way to assess the business competency and reliability, including their effectiveness and efficiency to work they do.

Step 3

Read reviews

Another thing you can do is to read reviews over the internet aside from the reviews you read from their website. There are many review sites you can visit. When reading reviews you have to consider important factors, such as:

  • Legitimacy: One thing is for sure, some reviews are made for the purpose of marketing. Not all reviews are legitimate as there are companies who pay people to post good reviews for their business, same as paying people to say negative things about a company for negative publicity. When reading reviews make sure that reviewers are legit and true people
  • Content of the review: Some will just focus on the rating of the plumbing company and not read the reviews itself. It is best to read the reviews and know why they rate the company a 5 or a 1 rating. Sometimes people accidentally click star rating hence you must not believe on it easily without reading their write ups

Step 4

Call their customer service support team

Calling their customer service support team is a good way to assess many things about the business.

  • Professionalism: Observe how their customer service representatives answer inquiries. Are they respectful, patient and professional all throughout the conversation? Were they able to provide you answers you need to know? If they were not able to provide you all these, you may want to change your mind about hiring their service
  • Their rates: This is a good time to ask for their rates. You may want to ask for basic services they provide and how much they charge per service. They may only provide you with a rough estimate as most of the time, plumbing services, especially repairs vary a lot

Calling them is good enough but if you have time to visit the plumbing company’s office, it is best and more recommended.

Step 5

Ask all relevant questions

Ask the companies of your choice all questions you have in mind, warranties, rates, time they provide service, etc. Jot all information down so you won’t forget any. Once you contacted all companies, you can sit down and compare the answers they provide.

From there, you can choose which of them is best to hire.

Step 6

Give them simple task

Hire their service and let them work on simple tasks like changing faucets, unclogging sink and the like. If they were not able to do well on a simple task, do not expect that they can deliver on larger projects.

This can be a bit risky but needless to say, this is a good way to assess their abilities and credibility to perform tasks.

After you finally decide that a plumbing company is the best option for you, you can start:

  • Negotiating: if there is a huge project, it is important that you negotiate. Ask for their rates and try to ask discounts or other add on. This you cannot do unless you receive estimates from the project you want them to accomplish
  • Scheduling projects/ regular maintenance etc: Once you have found a good plumbing company, you can schedule their service. Do not forget that you need regular plumbing maintenance, hence scheduling it ahead is important

There are many good plumbing companies to hire, like rørlegger stavanger. Once you have found the best to hire, make sure to keep them. Changing plumbing company every now and then is not a god idea at all as your plumbers need to be familiar with your plumbing maps and history so they work more effectively and efficiently.

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